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March 22, 2017

Article 4 Diabetes

Because damage to the nerves and blood supply to your feet happens gradually, it’s important to

know what to look for and how to spot the signs of any change.

By checking your feet regularly you can spot the signs of any damage early. This means that you

can get help quickly and can prevent the damage from getting any worse.

As well as the symptoms which you might spot yourself, your health professional will also

be testing for changes to your feet. When you go to your annual diabetes review I

will look for changes to the nerves of the feet and the blood supply . I will also check the shape and

condition of your feet,and advise on footwear.

 There are a number of different things for you to look out for. These are the main ones:

Changes to nerves /Changes to blood supply

Tingling or pins and needles /Cramp in your calves

Numbness /Shiny, smooth skin

Pain Losing hair on your feet and legs

Sweating less Thickened toenails

Feet may look red and feel hot to the touch Cold, pale feet

Changes in the shape of your feet Change in the colour of the skin on your feet

Hard skin Wounds or sores

Losing sense of the position of your feet and legs Pain in your feet